About me!

My name is Jonas Nix, owner and operator of Modusworks. I have a long history of messing around with anything mechanical, with a particular attention to detail. Inspired by both Grandfathers and my father( all woodworkers, builders, makers, etc.), I had a knack for fixing (and destroying) toys as a kid. I loved legos, then moved on to cars, welding, woodworking, then finally to machining in recent years. I have worked as a Registered Nurse in Alabama ER’s and ICU’s for the last 10 years.
I started building projects in my basement as soon as I had a place of my own, the first of which I can remember was a 12 foot tall Trebuchet that launched pool balls and chunks of concrete 100 yards or so, that was fun haha! I moved on to knife making as a hobby, then on to a couple duck calls with my brother Brad, and finally bought a Chinese lathe mill combo on which to learn my next venture.
One day, A friend suggested that I make some lanyard beads, to which I replied, “whats a lanyard bead?”. I discovered EDC through this friend and I was in love. I found a niche that I’d already been a part of, but never knew existed! I made a few items and was completely blown away that people actually offered me money for them!! I brought my passion for making and creating with me, and took on increasingly complex and interesting projects as suggested by customers. I have a particular interest in rare and/or interesting materials, with an emphasis on finishing. I have an extremely high standard for quality and surface finishes.
I am currently Modusworksing full time!! The ONLY way I can do that is with support from YOU!!!!! Thank you!!

What does Modusworks mean?

The term modus is Latin, meaning literally “the way” or “ the method”
Referring to my methodical work style and attention to detail, it insinuates that there is only one way to do something, the RIGHT WAY. There are many "right'. ways to do many things, but I guarantee that my projects are carried out in the best way that I know how, developing as my skill set grows. I don’t claim to know everything, but I have an insatiable thirst for learning and improving.

I want you to LOVE what you buy from me.

What products do you sell?

Currently focusing on the spinner market, I make the Spinamathing spinner, and spinner grips in various exotic materials and in many sizes.

Where and how do you sell?

Products may be listed in various ways, including but not necessarily limited to; Preorder, Drop, Sign up sale, Live Auction, and GAW(giveaway).

-Preorder- Items listed on my web store, www.modusworksusa.com , for preorder, typically lasting a period of 24 hours. Items are typically delivered within a period of 6 weeks following the sale date. Further details would be covered in the specific preorder post.

-Drop- Items are in stock and ready to ship, typically quantities are lower and materials may be unique to the drop due to limited material availability. Again, further details would be covered in a Drop specific post.

-Sign up sale- Item or Items listed for sale via Facebook group post or Instagram post for a set price but a very limited quantity. Lottery style selection process. The winner(s) retain the right to buy the listed item(s).

-Live Auction- Usually a single item listed for starting price of $1 via Facebook or Instagram. No reserve, no limit.

-GAW (giveaway)- sometimes I will post an “in” post in which each person is allowed one entry, winners selected randomly by yours truly. Items are usually plentiful and shiny…haha.

Facebook group - MODUSWORKS GROUP

Find me on Instagram @modusworks