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LIMIT of 1 minimathing and 1 spinamathing in the first 15 minutes of this drop. This is out of fairness to everyone. Thank you! 


Everything you love about the Spinamathing, but now in a smaller package. 

-The body is 1.5" long as compared to 2" on the full size model, all other dimensios remain the same. 

-Utilizes the same size buttons as the original spinamathing, allowing full backwards compatibility. 

- High quality R188 Bearing. 

- Handmade from the highest quality materials. Available today (7/27/18) in Brass, Bronze, Titanium, Zirconium, and Tungsten. 

- All Modusworks products are machined manually and are finished by hand. 


Bronze 67g

Brass 74g

Zirconium 60g

Titanium 39g

Turboglow 18g

Tungsten 154g



Bronze will be in a brushed/satin finish.

Brass, titanium, and tungsten will have a tumbled body/brushed button.

Zirconium will have a satin brushed finish.

Turboglow info:

TurboGlow is a very high quality casted resin/Glow powder mix from Carbonwaves in the Netherlands.

In testing this material I have some important observations, may these serve as warnings. 

1. Dont over tighten the buttons, the threads are cut just as they would be in metal, but the material is nowhere near as strong as any metal material. Be careful with the threads, they may strip. 

2. Do NOT drop Your buttons or Glow Spinamathing, it will break or chip. Again, the material is not metal. Treated with care, your item should not have any problem lasting a long time!

3. do not clean with any strong solvents of any sort. Soap and water is ok, ammonia free glass cleaner is also ok. 

About the colors:(these are opinions and based on my own observations)


Green- Green is the absolute Brightest of the TurboGlow, the initial brightness after charging under UV or Sunlight is quite astounding. When removed from light the initial glaring brightness will fade in a few minutes, but the item will have no trouble at all glowing all night. Ivory in color with a green tint in daylight or indoor light. 

Aqua- The second Brightest, similar to green but not quite as bright initially, seems to hold its brightness longer and fade slower than green. Ivory in color in daylight or indoor lighting. Can be charged with indoor lighting 

Yellow- Very similar Glow(in the dark) color to the green, but not as bright. Bright yellow/chartreuse color in daylight or indoor light. 

Blue- Pale blue similar to a baby blue in the dark. Ivory color in daylight and indoor light. Fairly bright with a reasonable reserve glow time.  I recommend to charge with sunlight or UV light only. 

Purple- Dark Blue/Purple to my eye. appears more blue in photos and the purple shows better in person. Puts off a moderate amount of light. It is light purple to gray in daylight and under indoor lighting. MUST be charged with UV or sunlight in order to glow. 

Orange- A nice pale orange glow, I would compare it to a Tennessee orange in the dark. Puts off a fair amount of light in the dark. Day time color is a pale neon orange. recommend charging in UV or Sunlight. 

Lava - Glows red/orange... like lava! relatively low light levels but makes up for it with the lava color. pale red to pink in daylight. I recommend to charge with sunlight or UV light only. 

Fire- Glows with a pale Red, very low light output. Similar to Lava but with less light. In my opinion it is kind of redundant, it is the dimmest of the ten colors I have available. MUST be charged with UV or sunlight in order to glow. 

Pink- Glows with a Pale Pink/lavender color. It is a pleasing color. Moderate light output. Pale pink in daylight. Recommended to charge in UV or sunlight.

White- Interesting color, 2.5x the material cost compared to the other colors. Fair to low light output, but with a distinct white color as compared to the others. I may detect a hint of blue or green in its glow, but again, it is a color distinct and all its own. In daylight it is a true white/akin to the color of milk! Requires UV/sunlight to charge properly. 

if you are curious about the material, check out CarbonWaves on Etsy, they are the supplier.