Drop 12/12/18 at 9pm CENTRAL

Drop 12/12/18 at 9pm CENTRAL

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LIMIT of 1 Spinner of ANY material in this drop. 



THE Handmade spinner. 

Each spinamathing is crafted from high quality materials using manual equipment and finished by hand. The only parts that I do not manufacture from raw materials  are the bearing and the grub screw. 

At 0.5" thick, 0.75" wide, 2" long, she's chunky, but relatively compact for the weight.

The minimathing is 0.5" thick, 0.75" wide and 1.5" long. 

Each spinamathing utilizes a high quality R188 Bearing.

Each spinamathing is stamped on the side with its unique serial number. 


-Body is made from c110 pure copper, buttons are c145 tellurium copper.  

-Brushed Finish 

Stainless Steel: 

- Body and buttons made from ss alloy 303. 

-Brushed finish 


- Body and buttons made from Zirconium alloy 702. 

- Brushed finish, Flamed to Dark grey/black 

BT damasteel: 

- Body and Buttons are made from Bluetongue Damasteel 

-Etched and polished finish.