Damasteel Spinamathing - Preorder
Damasteel Spinamathing - Preorder

Damasteel Spinamathing - Preorder

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 ***This is a PREORDER item. Items will not be shipped until 11/2/18-11/16/18. The preorder period is 8-10 weeks, This allows time for the materials to arrive from Sweden and ample time for production. 

*Sorry, No PayPal on Preorder sales(paypal's rules not mine)


THE Handmade spinner. 

Each spinamathing is crafted from high quality materials using manual equipment and finished by hand. The only parts that I do not manufacture from raw materials  are the bearing and the grub screw. 

- At 0.5" thick, 0.75" wide, 2" long, she's chunky, but relatively compact for the weight.

- Each spinamathing utilizes a high quality R188 Bearing. 

- Handmade using manual equipment, finished by hand. 

- Crafted from Damasteel. Bluetongue Damasteel is nonmagnetic with a high luster, High contrast finish. The Concentric Circle type is Magnetic, will have a high contrast BRUSHED finish. 

- You may choose the button material. 6AL-4V Titanium, Bluetongue Damasteel, OR Concentric Circle(Tree Stump) Damasteel.

- Damasteel Bodies will be deep etched and polished. Deep etch could lead to significant imbalance. Each spinner will be rebalanced by hand before and after the etching process. 

Damasteel/Damasteel is $610 Shipped domestically 

Damasteel/Titanium is $500 Shipped domestically