Bronze Spinamathing - Preorder
Bronze Spinamathing - Preorder

Bronze Spinamathing - Preorder

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 ***This is a PREORDER item. Items will not be shipped until 11/2/18-11/16/18. The preorder period is 8-10 weeks, This allows time for the materials to arrive and ample time for production. 

Sorry, No PayPal on Preorder sales(paypal's rules not mine)


THE Handmade spinner. 

Each spinamathing is crafted from high quality materials using manual equipment and finished by hand. The only parts that I do not manufacture from raw materials  are the bearing and the grub screw. 

- At 0.5" thick, 0.75" wide, 2" long, she's chunky, but relatively compact for the weight.

- Buttons and body will have a satin/brushed finish, the second photo of minis illustrates the body finish. 

- Each spinamathing utilizes a high quality R188 Bearing. 

- Handmade using manual equipment, finished by hand. 

- Crafted from C954 Bronze

 -You can select the Button material, either 6al-4v Titanium, Concentric Damasteel, Bluetongue Damasteel, OR C954 Bronze.