Damasteel Buttons - Preorder
Damasteel Buttons - Preorder

Damasteel Buttons - Preorder

Regular price $175.00

 ***This is a PREORDER item. Items will not be shipped until 11/2/18-11/16/18. The preorder period is 8-10 weeks, This allows time for the materials to arrive from Sweden and ample time for production. 

Sorry, No PayPal on Preorder sales(paypal's rules not mine)

Concentric Circles buttons are made from the magnetic(hardenable) type of Damasteel. They will be heat treated and then etched and polished. 

All Buttons will have the signature Modusworks stepped face. 

Pricing on all sizes and thicknesses are $175 shipped domestically. 

Buttons are designed to fit spinners with the popular R188 bearing.